07 Sep 2014
September 7, 2014

Spring Garlic Farmgate Sales 2104

After successfully plating our garlic in April this year we have been patiently waiting for the garlic to grow.  The great news is that we haven’t had to wait too long because Spring Garlic is ready for harvest.  Spring Garlic is garlic that hasn’t yet matured into a bulb with individual cloves; it looks a little bit like a spring onion.  Whilst the flavour is milder, it is garlicy nonetheless.  Spring Garlic is very popular in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as customers seek out an alternative to imported garlic.  This year we have opened our property to ‘farmgate sales’.  Customers have the opportunity to come to our property to purchase garlic directly, and if they are really keen they can even venture into the paddock and pick it themselves.  You can’t get any fresher than that!  If you are interested in purchasing our Spring Garlic please feel free to contact us.  Also, if you are looking for some inspiration on how to use Spring Garlic check out our recipe page.