06 Nov 2017
November 6, 2017

Rainy day cooking

  • Pickled beetroot
    Pickled beetroot
  • Beetroot pickled eggs
    Beetroot pickled eggs
  • Beetroot dip
    Beetroot dip

After a very very long dry spell we are finally getting regular rain.  Everything that was struggling in the garden is getting a much welcomed drink from the skies and the garden is loving every moment of it.  This past weekend was one of those welcomed rainy events, and while I was stuck inside I got inspired by the Spring produce from the garden and got cracking in the kitchen focusing on all things beetroot.

I love beetroot (who doesn’t love it!) and once I start cooking with it I get a bit carried away and start creating everything pink (because I love pink!).  So it is a win-win (well it is for me!).

I started with pickling my beetroot so that I can enjoy it in salads over the coming weeks.  It is so simple and I have included the recipe here.  These ruby gems don’t last long in my place, and I can always tell if someone has been in the beetroot jar in the fridge because there are pink blobs and pink finger prints all over the place.

The beetroot that didn’t fit into the jar was transformed into beetroot dip.  It is so quick and easy, no recipe needed for this one – I blended cooked beetroot, garlic, sour cream and salt and pepper together.  The end result is yet another pink and delicious beetroot creation.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there.  With left over pickling juice from a previous batch I decided to pickle some hard boiled eggs –  I told you it was getting a getting my pink on!  I just soaked the hard boiled eggs for about 3-4 hours in the pickling juice.  The end result is always very fancy looking and pink!

Of course the options for beetroot are endless; the leaves are great in salads, you can grate it, bake it, boil it … and the list goes on.  What is not to love about beetroot!