09 Mar 2014
March 9, 2014


  • Manzanillo Olives
    Manzanillo Olives
  • Nevadillo Olives
    Nevadillo Olives
  • Olives soaking in buckets of water
    Olives soaking in buckets of water

Off on a new foodie adventure while having a break from garlic.  Today it was olive picking.  I don’t have olive tree’s on my property but a neighbour does, and due to the high winds they experienced last spring all the flowers on the tree’s were blown away resulting in a very low yield this season.  Consequently they are not harvesting their olives this year and they were happy to let me go around and get a couple of buckets full to process at home.  I learnt very quickly that there are table olives and oil olives.  I picked Manzanillo olives (table olives) and Nevadillo olives (oiling olives).  I am going to process both as table olives and see what happens. I also had no idea until I searched online that I had to put a slit in every single olive (!) before soaking them in water for two weeks.  Anyway, after some more research I have employed two methods of processing the olives before soaking – cutting a slit in some and hitting others with a mallet – guess which one was more satisfying.  Nonetheless, the job is done and they are currently soaking in buckets of water which is changed daily.  I will keep you posted on their progress.