08 May 2014
May 8, 2014

Planting 2014-15 season

  • Seed garlic stock
    Seed garlic stock
  • Processing the garlic seed
    Processing the garlic seed
  • Last minute fertaliser from the animals
    Last minute fertaliser from the animals
  • Garlic planter
    Garlic planter
  • Garlic planting team
    Garlic planting team
  • Garlic beds at three weeks
    Garlic beds at three weeks

    Ready for mulch

Garlic planting has finally finished!  While it may take a couple of days to separate the cloves, this is always a fun time in the shed as the conversation takes many turns as we try to keep lively while doing a very tedious task.  I was very thankful to have my returning helpers of Glenes, Michael, Rita and Smiley.  And happy to see some new faces as Janelle, Sofie, Scott, Tracey and Michael Young joined the team to help out this year – let’s hope they enjoyed it enough to return next year!  Thanks to Steve and Dean’s ingenuity we had a great new garlic planter this year.  This took the labour out of the job and my returning garlic planting helpers were especially thankful.  So now that my 80 000 plants are in and happily growing it is time to refocus my attention on the many other projects happening on the farm at the moment.