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27 Jan 2014
January 27, 2014

Wollombi Markets

  • Wollombi Market Day
    Wollombi Market Day
  • My Father's Table
    My Father's Table

    Toum & Baklawa

  • Yengo Honey
    Yengo Honey

    by Louise

  • Shaggy Duck Pate & Onion Relish
    Shaggy Duck Pate & Onion Relish

    by Nickie Hamilton

To sell and promote Moore Wollombi Garlic I attended many of the local and regional markets.  However, the most fun I had was at the Wollombi Market Day.  I joined forces with other local producers to showcase some of the wonderful food Wollombi has to offer. read more →

17 Dec 2013
December 17, 2013


  • Honey
  • Removing the frames
    Removing the frames
  • Frame
  • Jars of honey
    Jars of honey

We had some new arrivals on the farm this year.  I was very excited to get into the hives and extract some honey today. read more →

12 Dec 2013
December 12, 2013

My Father’s Table – Toum & Falafel Workshop

Rita’s garlic ‘Toum’ workshop was so popular that Rita had to run another workshop.  This time Rita included the making of Falafel to the experience.  What a day of garlic packed fun – Toum and Falafel!  What a great way to promote the use of local ingredients and cultural experiences. read more →

25 Nov 2013
November 25, 2013

Harvest has begun

  • Liz harvesting the garlic
    Liz harvesting the garlic
  • Michael and Ivan
    Michael and Ivan
  • Brock
  • Ewan
  • Stratton
  • Ty

Harvesting the garlic has finally begun.  It is all hands on deck as we get garlic out of the paddock and into the shed for processing. Ty, Brock, Ewan and Stratton are the junior members of the team but are essential for keeping the process moving along. read more →

07 Nov 2013
November 7, 2013

Preparing for harvest

The time for harvest is getting closer.  As Dean is working away on the bushfires I have employed a few people to help me get the preparation started.  Thanks to Ian and Dennis I have my mesh up and ready to hang my garlic and Michael has finished the final construction on the harvesting implement.   read more →

10 Oct 2013
October 10, 2013

My Father’s Table – Toum Workshop

  • Rita

    demonstrating how to make Toum

An unexpected outcome of growing garlic has been the wonderful relationships I have developed with local growers and artisans who are equally passionate about food.  Over coffee one morning my neighbour (Rita) and I came up with the idea of promoting Moore Wollombi Garlic and developing a business idea that she had brewing.  What came.. read more →

07 Sep 2013
September 7, 2013

New babies born today!


Richard, our female pig (!) delivered without incident six very cute piglets today.  They are happy, healthy and full of energy already.  I especially love the three that have black noses.  Well done Richard! read more →

15 Aug 2013
August 15, 2013

Richard the pig

Richard the pig loves to come up close in the hope of getting a back scratch. We won’t mention that Richard is a female pig! read more →

01 Aug 2013
August 1, 2013

‘Tiny’ the bull

Our bull ‘Tiny’ holds centre stage in the paddock. He is going to be one of the star attractions at the upcoming Wollombi Small Farms Fair in November. read more →

14 Jul 2013
July 14, 2013

The baby animals start arriving

The farm is abuzz with excitement as a new family members of the fury kind start to arrive, including twin lambs and a potty calf. read more →